Latest Tech Stuff

by Bob Seidel

* In last week's column I did discuss getting ready for Blu-Ray, but didn't spend much time discussing the actual TV requirements for high definition (HD). I might do a column on this later on, but for now: Full Blu-Ray HD requires a 1080p capable TV. When you shop, check the specifications or ask the salesperson. 1080i is acceptable for HD and OK for upconvert standard definition (SD) DVD players or current cable boxes. Just FYI, my current plasma TV is a 1080i.

* I have talked in the past about where I usually buy my computer goodies - These guys just seem to come up with the latest (and strangest) new gear, and the latest catalog I received continued this trend. You have to ask "Where do these guys think of this stuff and where do they get it?"

Perusing the new stuff part of the catalog (in no particular order):

Some of this stuff isn't cheap, and you can find better buys in standard parts elsewhere. But if you want the exotic, Cyberguys is the way to go!

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