Newspaper Columns

Bob writes a regular computer column in The State Port Pilot, the local weekly newspaper published in Southport NC. The columns by date for this year are listed below. For prior years, just click on the year.

A note about titles. One of the contributions of my editor at the State Port Pilot is to re-work the column title. The titles shown below are as I submitted them, not as published.

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Date Title
01/03/2001 Uses For That New PC
01/10/2001 Video Chatting On The Internet
01/17/2001 Computer History Of The World, Part 2
01/24/2001 Frustrations Of A Consultant
02/01/2001 Technology In 2001
02/08/2001 Outlook Express Options
02/15/2001 Internet Appliances
02/22/2001 Whither Windows?
02/28/2001 Internet Security
03/07/2001 Sharing Your Internet Connection
03/14/2001 The Latest In Printers
03/21/2001 Digital Photography - Next Wave
03/28/2001 Computer History Of The World, Part 3
04/04/2001 A "Prosumer" Digital Camera
04/11/2001 Digital Tidbits
04/18/2001 Storing Your Stuff
04/25/2001 Its A Mad World
05/02/2001 E-Mail Etiquette
05/09/2001 Pay For The Net?
05/16/2001 Getting The (Digital) Picture
05/23/2001 Buying a PC - Changing The Rules?
06/06/2001 Care and Feeding of Batteries
06/13/2001 The Virus Threat Worsens
06/20/2001 Digital Doings
06/27/2001 Hurricane Season
07/11/2001 New Computer and Stuff
07/18/2001 The Hard Drive Crashes
07/25/2001 Recent Activity
08/15/2001 In Search Of Computer DVD
08/22/2001 Nerd In Paradise
08/29/2001 XP 4 U - The Latest From Microsoft
09/05/2001 Be Prepared
09/12/2001 What's Not New
09/19/2001 Be Prepared II
09/26/2001 DVD On Your Computer - A Lesson
10/03/2001 Write A Music CD Today!
10/10/2001 Photo Editing Software
10/24/2001 2 XP or not 2 XP
10/31/2001 Toaster PC
11/07/2001 Computer History Of The World, Part 4
11/14/2001 When A Virus Hits
11/21/2001 Leonids - The Great Adventure
11/28/2001 Presents, Notes, and Stuff
12/12/2001 Taming Those USB Devices
12/19/2001 Goodbye To CDs?
12/26/2001 End Of Year Thoughts