Newspaper Columns

Bob writes a regular computer column in The State Port Pilot, the local weekly newspaper published in Southport NC. The columns by date for this year are listed below. For prior years, just click on the year.

A note about titles. One of the contributions of my editor at the State Port Pilot is to re-work the column title. The titles shown below are as I submitted them, not as published.

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Date Title
01/07/2004 Latest Broadband Offerings
01/14/2004 Installing My New PC
01/21/2004 What Is Linux?
01/28/2004 Failling Hard Drives
02/04/2004 Keeping Secure
02/11/2004 Copying DVDs?
02/18/2004 Creating Your Own DVDs
02/25/2004 Storing Your Stuff
03/03/2004 Those Old Video Tapes
03/10/2004 Computer History Of The World, Part 8
03/24/2004 Printers, Microsoft and Support
04/07/2004 Where Is 'American Hot Wax'?
04/14/2004 Updating Anti-Virus Software
04/21/2004 Spam Battles Continue
04/28/2004 Early Hi-Fi
05/12/2004 The Sasser Worm
05/19/2004 The Week In Computing
05/26/2004 Wireless, Wireless Everywhere
06/02/2004 Goodbye CRT
06/07/2004 Latest Digital Cameras
06/16/2004 Digitize Your Old Films
06/23/2004 Goobye, Faithful CP-290
07/07/2004 Father's Day Gift and eBay
07/14/2004 Its A Jungle Out There!
07/28/2004 My Two Weeks
08/04/2004 Offshoring Support
08/11/2004 Windows XP Service Pack 2?
08/18/2004 Blah! Blah! Blah!
08/25/2004 Installing Service Pack 2
09/01/2004 Goodbye Slides
09/08/2004 The Indignation Factor
09/15/2004 PC Prices and Virus Software
09/22/2004 Software Issues
09/29/2004 I Blog, You Blog, We Blog?
10/06/2004 Computer History Of The World, Part 9
10/13/2004 Where's Your Stuff?
10/20/2004 Termites and CBers
11/03/2004 Holiday Shopping, Part 1
11/10/2004 My Holiday Wishes
11/24/2004 Internet Telephone Service
12/01/2004 Season Shopping Tips
12/08/2004 Digital Camera Needs
12/15/2004 Moving Your Stuff
12/22/2004 The Year In Computing
12/29/2004 Crystal Ball 2005