Newspaper Columns

Bob writes a regular computer column in The State Port Pilot, the local weekly newspaper published in Southport NC. The columns by date for this year are listed below. For prior years, just click on the year.

A note about titles. One of the contributions of my editor at the State Port Pilot is to re-work the column title. The titles shown below are as I submitted them, not as published.

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Date Title
01/10/2007 2006 In Review and 2007 Picks
01/17/2007 Universal TV Remote Controls
01/24/2007 Vista: Choices, Choices...
02/07/2007 Fix Your Wireless Network!
02/14/2007 Where's My "Word"?
02/21/2007 Vista: First Experience
02/28/2007 On Google, Phonebooths, and Mainframes
03/07/2007 Support Worsens Again
03/14/2007 Time Keeps On Ticking...
03/21/2007 Writing CDs
03/28/2007 Dealing With Support
04/04/2007 April Fools?
04/11/2007 RAIDing for Reliability
04/18/2007 More HD DVD Shananigans
04/25/2007 About Circuit City
05/02/2007 eSATA and New Cores
05/09/2007 Where Is It Going?
05/16/2007 Attack of the Sham Spyware
05/23/2007 New Internet Rates and Recycling
05/30/2007 Extending Wireless
06/13/2007 Attaching Things
06/20/2007 A Vista Checkpoint
06/27/2007 Are You Searching The Net?
07/04/2007 Microsoft'd Again!
07/11/2007 iPhone and Hi-Tech Recap
07/18/2007 Video On Demand
07/25/2007 Your PC For Ransom
08/01/2007 iPhone: Not Yet
08/08/2007 New Cell Phone - The Final Chapter
08/15/2007 Second Copy: My Backup Program
08/22/2007 Bills and Service
08/29/2007 Printer Sharing, Part 1
09/05/2007 Printer Sharing, Part 2
09/12/2007 HD DVDs and Vista
09/19/2007 USB and Mobile Power
09/26/2007 New Cell Phone - The Story Continues
10/10/2007 XP Still Going Strong
10/17/2007 Gadgets
10/24/2007 Stagger Lee and the Internet
10/31/2007 What Happened To My Dial Tone?
11/14/2007 Bad Hard Drive Blues
11/21/2007 The Source For Goodies
11/28/2007 More Shopping Tips
12/12/2007 Vista's Hidden Files
12/19/2007 Cell: The Final Story
12/26/2007 Unpacking Those Electronic Presents