Newspaper Columns

Bob writes a regular computer column in The State Port Pilot, the local weekly newspaper published in Southport NC. The columns by date for this year are listed below. For prior years, just click on the year.

A note about titles. One of the contributions of my editor at the State Port Pilot is to re-work the column title. The titles shown below are as I submitted them, not as published.

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Date Title
01/04/2006 My Picks, 2006
01/11/2006 A Return To Norton
01/18/2006 Believe It and They Will Come
01/25/2006 Logons and Backdoors
02/01/2006 Video Software Wars, Part II
02/08/2006 Opening Your Stuff
02/15/2006 Video To DVD
02/22/2006 Stomping On Your WiFi
03/01/2006 Olympics, Telegrams, and Music
03/08/2006 Microsoft Vista
03/15/2006 Your Photo Is Too Big!
03/22/2006 MS Marches To Its Own Drummer
04/12/2006 Web Apps
04/19/2006 Web Apps and Backup
04/26/2006 MS Does It Again!
05/03/2006 Time Warner Doesn't Tell
05/10/2006 Fake Widescreen
05/17/2006 Digital Camera News
05/24/2006 Drive Letter Roulette
05/31/2006 Vista On The Horizon
06/07/2006 Backup Where?
06/14/2006 My Cell Gets Spammed!
06/21/2006 Cell Phones and Telemarketers
06/28/2006 Guided Help From Microsoft
07/05/2006 Beware Images In Email
07/12/2006 Wiki Junkie
07/19/2006 Fax is Soooo 20th Century!
07/26/2006 What's Up With Dell?
08/09/2006 Wireless At The Beach
08/16/2006 Old Software and Kids On Your PC
08/23/2006 PC Problems and Service
08/30/2006 Backup Software
09/06/2006 Vista Software Development
09/13/2006 Your Next PC Will Cost More
09/20/2006 Shooting Yellowstone
09/27/2006 Offshore Service and Support
10/04/2006 The Latest in Video Cameras
10/11/2006 Bob Goes Hi-Def
10/18/2006 The Rise and Fall of Bob the Programmer
10/25/2006 Printing DVD Labels
11/01/2006 Vista PCs and Spyware Software Wars
11/08/2006 Countdown to Vista, Part 1
11/15/2006 Goodbye CDs!
11/22/2006 New iPods and Zunes
12/06/2006 Holiday Shopping
12/13/2006 Vista News and More Shopping
12/20/2006 Managing Holiday Photos
12/27/2006 What To Do If You Get a New PC