Newspaper Columns

Bob writes a regular computer column in The State Port Pilot, the local weekly newspaper published in Southport NC. The columns by date for this year are listed below. For prior years, just click on the year.

A note about titles. One of the contributions of my editor at the State Port Pilot is to re-work the column title. The titles shown below are as I submitted them, not as published.

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Date Title
01/02/2008 Goodbye To Analog TV
01/09/2008 Goodbye Fax Modem
01/16/2008 High End Cell
01/23/2008 The Fastests PCs
01/30/2008 Speech Recognition
02/06/2008 Preparing For Blu-Ray
02/13/2008 Latest Tech Stuff
02/20/2008 Another Backup Story
02/27/2008 Home Plug Networking
03/05/2008 Bob 1 - Dust 0!
03/19/2008 New Tech Is Not Always Good
03/26/2008 Arthur C. Clarke
04/02/2008 The Next Video Mess
04/09/2008 Internet TV
04/16/2008 PC Business 2008
04/30/2008 New Cable Software
05/07/2008 Virtual PCs
05/14/2008 New Fast PCs
05/21/2008 Ditch Legacy Ports for USB
05/21/2008 HD - A New Wrinkle!
06/11/2008 Know Your Plugs
06/18/2008 Know Your Plugs 2
06/25/2008 Disaster Strikes from the Air
07/02/2008 Digital Media Libraries
07/09/2008 Where Is Adobe Going?
07/16/2008 Analog vs. Digital
07/23/2008 A Step Towards Video Heaven
07/30/2008 New Malware Strikes?
08/13/2008 New PCs Really Are Fast!